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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Experiencing with MomoFrank Session5&6

It’s been a while since I wrote the last report... After I received the 5th session, I was doing very well in terms of both my mental and physical health... until I caught a cold a couple of weeks ago.

But I was able to keep the symptoms to minimum and I got all better within a week. It felt like I was able to fight off the virus easier and it didn’t last as long as the other times.

After I overcame the cold, I was looking forward to my 6th session with Coko...

I missed a couple of yoga classes as well due to the cold and my body and mind were starting to feel a little disconnected and unbalanced... like I was a little out of tune...

As soon as the 6th session started, I was able to concentrate on my breathing and my consciousness went inwards. Cranio Sacral therapy almost feels like a guided meditation to me.

During the session, I had one of the most relaxing and deepest rest and at the end, I came out feeling all rejuvenated and tuned. Thank you Coko for always tuning me!

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