Group Classes
Rolfing Movement Class


$20 single session

$100 5 sessions
$180 10 sessions



check the schedule and details here

Private Sessions

Adults (over 19)

$150    single session (90 min)

Teens (12 - 18)

$100   single session 

Children (0 - 11)

$60  single session 


available by cash only.​

Canceling or rescheduling policy

Session time is valuable — yours and mine. I bill in full for missed appointments or canceling/rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice. 

 * I stopped taking new basic 10 sessions program clients in August 2019.  If you are considering it, please contact us for more information by mid-August.

*If you would like to follow Vancouver Session Schedule Updates after November, please sign up the email list.

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Tel: 831.334.1742

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