Sound Healing - Biosonic Harmonic Massage 

We all know Sound has the power to heal; We've all had the experience of listening to natural sound in nature and experiencing the immediate release of tension in body, mind, and spirit. Others enjoy listening to relaxation music and find it helpful to positively change their mood.



This is no mystery; 70 % of our body consists of water. Playing instruments or singing alters the molecular vibration in the body, creating a feeling of whole body harmonic massage. Sound conducts through the air at 340m/sec, at 1500m/sec in the water and at 5600m/sec in the bones.
















 Dr. Emoto developed a way to take photographs of water crystals and the detail of their shape. By his beautiful contribution, we now can see how sound vibration affects our holistic health and well-being. My biggest impact with water crystal photos is these below. When I went to Cape Town, South Africa for volunteering at Ubuntu Touch Project, Ian Macfaren, who is a founder of the Ubuntu Touch Project, showed me the photos of Ubuntu, Apartheid, Gratitude and the effect these sounds have on water crystal shape - amazing! 



















There are many sound healing machines available today, and I use the Kita Biosonic Peace Machine. What I likee about Kita Biosonic Peace Machine is that it brings together the very powerful tool of sound, and harmonizes it with hands-on human touch.
As a practitioner, I learned to provide skilled healing touch with the powerful healing of sound. There is a natural flowing partnership between sound and touch and has benefit for those that suffer from fatigue / sleep problems, helps reduce stress, increases serotonin production and tissue hydration.  It also has been found to help Autonomic Nervous System, Immune system imbalances, while Increasing your natural healing ability and awareness.  The result - Enhanced well-being in your life

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Benefits for
fatigue / sleep problems / stress reduction / increasing serotonin / tissue hydration
Autonomic Nervous System, Immune system imbalance
Increasing your natural healing ability and awareness 
Enhanced wellbeing life









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