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M.O's Rolfing® Experiencing ~ Body and Mind

It's been a year since I completed my first Rolfing™ basic 10 series program. Coko told me that each client has a story through Rolfing and suggested writing a journal. After completing my ten series, I had many life events such as returning to Japan, getting a new job, and getting married, etc and I didn't feel like putting them together for a while, but all of a sudden today, I felt it's the time! Here is the story I experienced in my first Rolfing 10 series when I was studying & living in Vancouver, BC Canada.

I was already interested in Rolfing® and I was planning to get Rolfing® with Coko even before I went to Vancouver when I got out of my life in Japan, where I was too busy to take much time for it. Half a year later since I moved to Vancouver, I visited Coko for my first appointment. I was a little nervous, but her big smile helped me to unravel immediately.

My changes made by all 10 Rolfing sessions can be broadly divided into physical and mental. Regarding the physical aspect, I was able to feel the big change from the first time. I could stand and walk as if someone was supporting me! I remember being very impressed after the first session.

The day after the first session, I couldn't help feeling that my head was heavy, I was sick, and my body had changed. However, the physical condition does not last so long. As my body got used to it, good changes came one after another by Session 5. I could feel the soles of my feet sticking to the ground, the feeling that the eggs are cracked, and the shoulders are here, and walking becomes lighter and more enjoyable. There were endless changes in the body to name a few. On the other hand, it became difficult to control emotions after Session 5.

I was really confused by the change in mental. I became very angry. When I consulted with Coko,and she said, "For some pleople, it may sometimes difficult to follow the process of coordinating the gap between the old pattern and a new way to deal with. Body and mind are connected, as you know, and structure affect to your emotion, and vice versa. Once your body was reset from the previous sessions, your body and mind might be surprised to aware the feelings that had been in you but did not notice until now. I hope you can acknowledge it, like this is also me."

After hearing that this, I became able to deal with the feelings of anger obediently. Why am I angry and why am I emotional? Then I gradually became calm and calmed down. Taking this opportunity, I became interested in walking and cooking, which I had never been interested in before. I also now love to think nothing while doing them. It's comfortable to allow myself doing nothing and just being. Coko said, "Maybe you are natiurally choosing somethings what is good for your body."

At the end of the 10 series, I did't fee any major physical changesm but I was feeling good overall, such as good bowel movements, no pain before my piriod, feeling spacious and relaxed. When my mother came to see me in Vancouver, she told me "You got walking faster", and I shared with her about my Rolfing experirncing, and realized how much I changed the way to use my body.

Coko didn't force me to do anything throughout the session. Even she gave me some "homework(which is self-care excercises)", she said I didn't have to do it if I didn't feel like doing it. In other words, everything goes on with the client. In that process, I think I was able to feel the changes in my body and mind and guide myself to a comfourtable way in myself.

Coko was a really great adviser in this story. I'm grateful to be able to realize this simple, but yet important relationship between body and mind through this story. And it still fills my heart now. Thank you very much, Coko




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