Rolfing™ Structural Integration For Children & Babies

As parents, one of our concerns is to produce a balanced child or baby. Rolfing™ Structural Integration helps. Help Them to Feel Great in Their Bodies. Rolfing™ Structural Integration is a system of manual manipulation and movement education which produces better alignment, manages the aches and pains associated with childhood development and improves overall well-being and confidence. Adult complaints of chronic backache, neck pain and other physical and emotional stressors can originate from a childhood imbalance. Rolfing™ can begin to correct patterns and imbalances, both inherent or learned which if left unaddressed, may limit the child's development and mobility. Dr. Ida P. Rolf Ph.D

Move More Freely, for All Ages.

Having freedom of movement is important at any age. It is something we celebrate as children, often without limitation. As we age, some of us continue to ask much of our bodies. Maybe not climbing trees anymore, but participating in sport, having Olympic aspirations or taking a regular dance or martial arts class. True freedom of movement takes work. Working our muscles, taking care of our fascia are an important part of that. I discovered the power of Rolfing to help me and those I love move more freely. What techniques have you discovered that have helped you?

Rolfing™ Structural Integration - Cases and Results of Ten-Series Program

The Rolfing™ Ten-Series restores, updates and helps you learn how to feel good in your body. Here are a couple of different visual representations of some of the results from the ten-series program. BEFORE SESSION 1 ----> AFTER SESSION 7 Right photo: before session 1, Middle photo: after session 4, Left: after session 7. Here we see better alignment through Rolfing™ Basic Ten-Series. You can see the progress as we align his body. His shoulder is getting more relaxed and unfolding, not so lifted. Left: Before session 1, Middle: After session 3, Right: After ten series program.

Client Feedback Rolfing ™ - Larry Kung Triathlete, Fitness Trainer, 50+ Cancer Survivor

"The "right therapist" is essential in healing and long term recovery . I have been in the fitness world for 50 years as a ranked triathlete, fitness coach, and seriously injured competitor. I was lucky to be treated by a gifted practitioner - Coko Nakashima. Her ability to get right to the damaged area with her gentle but firm touch took me out of pain and gave me confidence that recovery was possible. I am grateful to her." - Larry Krug More Client Testimonials and Feedback on my services here.

Rolfing™Structural Integration Q&A

Considering a Rolfing™Structural Integration ​Ten Series for your wellness initiatives? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Rolfing™Structural Integration. If you have a specific question that isn't handled here, please feel free to contact me! 1. How long are the sessions? Allow an hour and half for your first session and 75~90 min for following appointments. Rolfers™ determine session length depending on your goals, the intensity of the day’s work, health history, client energy level and ability to integrate work. These are just a few of the factors that a Rolfer™ considers when meeting with a client, in each and every session. 2. What should I wear to a session?

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