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Rolfing™Structural Integration Helps You Feel Good in Your Body.
Introducing your body into optimized alignment through the Rolfing SI Ten Series helps relieve chronic pain and tension, improves ease of movement and facilitates a feeling of emotional well being.
Rolfing SI is more than a way to work with muscles and deep tissue; it is a way of changing deep-set patterns of postural imbalances by releasing holding patterns in the connective tissue and nervous system. 
Rolfing™Structural Integration is for anyone who wants to feel better in their body.

"If you're in Vancouver and struggling with chronic pain, I would highly recommend trying the Rolfing technique, which works on realigning the fascia system. My work with Coko Mayuko, who specializes in ‪both Rolfing‬ and Cranial Sacral Therapy, has been incredibly profound after struggling with chronic pain for 8 years."

- Janel Ball, Vancouver, BC

   What is Rolfing™ Structural Integration?


Benefits of Rolfing™Structural Integration
Rolfing™ Q & A



  • Do I have to get the ten sessions?

  • What to wear in the session?

  • What Rolfing™ can help Athletes and Performaers?

  • How Rolfing™ can help with stress?

  • Does Rolfing™hurt?

  • What's the different from massage, chiropractic?

  • I'm tired from my chronic pain. Does Rolfing™ help?






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