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Are your skindcare products really safe?

Looking for a safe and better skincare products? I often am asked about skincare products from my clients and I am so lucky to be able to recommend the products and company. I have been using @scentuals since 2014 and love their intention, passion about holistic and natural skin care. My skin (had a horrible skin allergy in my 20s and sun-damages from my surfing life) has been so much happier and the product prices are so reasonable. Check out @scentualswebsite, also you can try #anti-aging product at @cokobodybalance.

[The prices at Coko Bodybalance ]


Toner, Scrub, Cleanser $21.99

Fascial cream $32.99

Eye cream $ 34.99

Serum $44.99

#skincare #vancouverwellness#safe #organic #local #vegan#veganskincare #vancouver#skinrejuvenation #antiaging#christmasgift #naturalskincare

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