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Rolfing™ for Better Posture Session 4 with Ed

Immediately after the fourth session I did not notice any big changes, other than feeling a bit 'taller'.

Coko explained that this session was about rebuilding my foundation, and benefits will be more noticeable later.

Later that evening, I noticed that my skin was sliding more freely over my muscles, and everything felt more elastic.

A couple days after the session, I went to a hot yoga class. It was my first class since shortly after I began the Rolfing treatments, and I expected my flexibility and range of motion to be a little worse because that is what normally happens when I take a few weeks off practicing yoga. What I found instead was that I hadn't lost any flexibility or range of motion, and in several poses there was noticeable improvement in my range of motion. I also found my balance had improved significantly, and I was able to try some more advanced poses that I was never stable enough to attempt in the past.

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