Rolfing™ for Better Posture Session 2 with Ed

The second session was a bit more physically intense compared to the first session, so immediately after the session my legs and feet mostly just felt sore, but I did notice an immediate improvement in my range of motion while walking. It felt like my stride was longer. Lengthening my stride is something I've worked on in the past, but unlike those attempts where a focussed effort was required to maintain a longer stride, this time it was happening in my natural stride with no effort on my part. A couple days after the session, when all the soreness was gone, my balance appears to have improved as my sense of connection to the ground through my feet feels stronger, more tactile.

Rolfing™ for Better Posture ~ Session 1, Ed's experiece

The end of my first Rolfing session felt like waking from a dream. It was an experience unlike any other massage or physiotherapy treatment I have received in the past. It was only the first session, but there were two noticeable changes in my body. The first change I felt was a synchronization of my movements when I walked. All my joints were moving in unison, like gear wheels meshing together. Before the treatment, I would describe the same movement as gear wheels with a few teeth missing, so everything was slightly out of sync. The second change was something that I noticed later in the week. I have been working on improving my posture for a while, and that is one of the main reasons I ha

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