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Model Needed for Rolfing™ Advanced Training Class

May someone is interested? Candidate should be done the basic Rolfing™ ten series before.

Models Needed for Rolfing ® Advanced Training Class

July 16 th - Aug 2 nd , 2018

• What is Rolfing Structural Integration (SI)?

In brief, it’s hands on body and/or movement work that aims to realign the structure through soft tissue manipulation so your body moves with more ease and efficiency. Rolfing SI can enhance healthy bodies as well as help injured ones, and you may experience some of the following results:

• injury recovery • pain reduction • stress relief • headache relief

• increased flexibility and freedom of movement • better balance and ease

• What to expect as a model:

- Sessions will occur in a classroom environment

- Models must commit to a total of 5 sessions

- Session Dates: Tuesdays July 17 th , 24 th , & 31 s t , and Thursdays July 19 th & 26 th

- Session Times: sessions start times will be at 1pm or 3pm

- Duration: ~1 hr 45min (check in and session time)

- *Fee per session: $40

*Given this will be a learning environment, sessions are being offered at a significantly discounted rate (at least 65-75% off a regular Rolfing session).

This is a rare opportunity as practitioners already have 6-20 years of practical experience, and they will be working under the supervision of 2 instructors (Jan Sultan & Steven Radiloff) who collectively have 85 years of practical experience.

For more info or to sign up as a model:

Please contact Beatrice at 780.604.9900 or email

To learn more about Rolfing visit

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