Rolfing™ Experiencing

Rolfing is deep tissue work used for body posture alignment. It employs manual techniques to help manipulate your deep connective tissue creating grater hydration and flexibility. Along with working your tissues, Rolfing™ helps you learn to optimize your body movements. Rolfing™ offers relief from: Chronic discomfort Postural imbalance Repetitive strains Sore muscles Stiff joints I’ll be at the Vital Health Medical and Wellness and currently am offering Free 15 min Rolfing ™ intro. Please feel free to come and see me, experiment!

What’s the big deal of getting Rolfing™? ~A dancer, Emily’s experience~

[What is Rolfing™ like? Is it like a massage?] It is not like traditional massage. It is a little bit massage combine with exercises. Range of motion just moving one direction or the other practitioner works on you and it allows getting deeper into muscles. [When and why have you decided to go to a Rolfer? Did you have pain? When yes, where?] I’ve been dancing for years and I am also working in an office I want to get the tension less. I did not have pain but tension. [Why have you chosen Rolfing and not another treatment?] I got another treatment but they last for a little while and they did not really correct your posture. They treated only one spot but whole body. [Why have you chosen Cok

Fascia is now the subject of assorted medical research projects

What is Rolfing? The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, to give it its full name, is a physical therapy that realigns your structure. Collins explains, “If you have everything stacked correctly then energy – the main force is gravity – can flow more easily, enabling you to move with grace and with less pain.” What is it good for? Most people initially come with back or neckache and/or postural problems, but it can have an impact on conditions ranging from headaches to the digestion; everything, in the Rolfing world, begins and ends with structure. How did it start? It was developed by Dr Ida Rolf, a physicist, in the 1930s when she applied the principles of physics and maths to the bo

Introduction of Jellyfish Club (Rolfing™ Movement Class)

Do you enjoy Yoga and/or Pilates? Do you experience pain when you exercise? Do you want to feel like Jellyfish in the gravity field? This relaxing and simple, yet intensive stretching and movement class will get your body feeling like a Jellyfish! Based on the Rolfing™ movement method, this program focuses on the resilient alignment and centering of the human body. The practice is similar to Yoga or Flow Movement, but explores the body on a more delicate and concentrated level. In addition, it teaches one how to engage a deeper awareness of their body’s, movements and functions. If you are a person who enjoys Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais method, Alexander technique, body talk, deep relaxation;

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