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Rolfing™ for Better Posture Session 3 with Ed

My first impression from this session came half way through when we stopped so I could walk around and 'check in' with my body. I knew that the side that Coko had been working on felt different, but it took me a moment to identify that the difference was that I wasn't feeling anything on that side. There is a very low level of pain and impingement through my hips that my body has accepted as normal, so I don't really notice it, at least not until it is no longer there.

The rest of the session focussed on the other side of my body, and while the effect wasn't a strong, the background pain and impingement also went away on that side.

The other big takeaway from the third session was in regards to a poor postural habit I have of letting my head hang forward. Coko told me to imagine there was an apple 45 degrees above and behind my head. At first I tried reaching for the imaginary apple with my head, and while it did put my head in a better position, my neck would quickly get tired. It wasn't until a couple days later that I realized that just being 'aware' of the imaginary apple was enough to improve my posture. I didn't need to tire out my neck muscles actively reaching back for it with my head.

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