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Rolfing ™ for young people Lisa's experience

In the beginning, I got into the basic ten series because I was interested in improving my performance on the court in every aspect possible. This led me to find Coko. Her location in Vancouver was very convenient for me.

Before the sessions, I experienced occasional lower back pain, and my posture was not the best.

Throughout the sessions, Coko helped fix my two biggest problems! For my lower back, I could feel less and less low back pain as the sessions progressed. This allowed me to play for a longer duration of volleyball at a higher performance level.

For the first few sessions, I did feel a little bit sore. However, it all paid off in the results!

For my posture, Coko gave me tips and cues to make me stand up better in addition to the rolfing. This helped me a lot because I thought about the cue more often, which lead me to maintain my posture. I really recommend Coko to anyone who's looking to improve their posture and who's looking to fix back pain!

What is Rolfing™ Structural Integration?

Rolfing™ is a hands-on manipulation and movement education technique that optimize the body's structure and functions as a system in the gravity field. Your body is all connected. Rolfing™ SI facilitates recognizing the body structure to move harmoniously.

Going through the basic Rolfing ten series program benefits from pain relief or kick out your current main complainant.

We have to think that their current development is more to the future than their personal history for children and young people. Specific years of life have to be related to body-mind developmental steps.


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