Rolfing Ten Series Experience - Session #7

Session 7 is in my mind as one of my favorite sessions so far with Coko.  I've been dealing with some stress with the holidays approaching, and Rolfing with Coko has provided me a nice space to relax and ease tension. Session 7 started with Coko working on my shoulders and the muscles around my shoulder blades.  As I've mentioned before, working at a computer and sitting most of the day has added some stiffness and pain for me to my neck, shoulders and shoulder blades.  To my surprise, after working on the shoulders and back, Coko began concentrating on muscles in my face - specifically, my nose and mouth.  The muscles here are very small, and I had no idea that they could feel so "released

Session 1: Rolfing™ SI Experiencing with Charles - Introduction and Body Awareness

Not knowing what to expect with the Rolfing, I went in with an open mind. A friend of mine had tried it first, a big guy, and told me it was very painful, so I was ready for an uncomfortable experience. I go for semi-regular deep tissue massage and didn't really feel like my body was sore or out of alignment or tight in any way. What is Rolfing? Essentially it looks at releasing tension and rehydrating the stretchy fascial tissue that extends through the body from the tips of your toes all the way up to the top of your head. If one part is tight or restricted in some way, it affects the movement and alignment of the rest of the body. Restrictions in different parts of the body can be due to

Rolfing Ten Series Session 6

Session 6 focused on shoulders and neck. Regularly working at a computer provides me with day to day challenges in keeping a positive posture. The weight of my head constantly looking down, and forward rounding shoulders are all concerns of mine when it comes to my upper body. This session was relaxing and I felt a great deal of tension release afterwards. Coko worked on my neck, shoulders and arms. It felt like a targeted deep massage. It was more difficult for me to feel the difference in my gait this time; I think because the neck and shoulders are smaller muscle groups and not directly related to my foundational stability, I am less aware of this area of my body. With this last pha

Rolfing™ Ten-Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session 5

Session 5 was focused on hips and the "psoas muscles". Through the ten series, I've been trying to concentrate my energy on learning how to walk with better posture. Something I've become more aware of since starting the ten series is how walking feels to me. I notice more now that I tend to lean forward while walking and running, if I'm not paying close attention. During the session, Coko worked on smoothing the fascia in my inner thighs, hips and middle back area. At the end of the session, when doing our usual "walking" test on the treadmill, I felt like I wasn't leaning as forward as I normally would! The stability in my legs and ankles remains and is stacking level on level, joint

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Experiencing with MomoFrank ~ Session 7

Every time I come out of the craniosacral therapy session with Coko, I feel deeply relaxed, replenished and reenergized. But those initial effects are not the only gifts I receive from her sessions. What I’m truly amazed by are the subtle yet big changes I see in myself in my everyday life. After the 7th session, I was walking home in a quiet residential area, admiring the beauty of the fall, feeling grateful. For me, that is a big accomplishment. As I mentioned before, I was struggling with depression and severe anxiety not so long ago. And leaving my house, my safe place, was a big challenge for me. Now, I walk everywhere feeling no anxiety. I find myself wanting to walk, wanting to

Rolfing Ten Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session 4 - SQUARE PANTS PART 2

Session 4 focused on the inside of my legs, and stabilizing the pelvic floor to help with more foundational support for the rest of my body. Having completed 3 sessions already, I am finding it easier to observe and understand how my body moves. Compounding results from my earlier sessions has allowed me to feel more foundationally supported. The bodywork in this session was focused on inner legs, and included some upper body as well. After the session work, Coko asked how I was feeling, and it is interesting to me as now I feel like I easily communicate my body feeling. Normally when I'm running or walking, it feels as though I'm leaning forward, leading with my head and slightly bent o

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