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Private Session

Rolfing™ Structural Integration


A Holistic manual therapy that works with fascia(connective tissue)'s structural integration that is aimed at restoring the optimized posture and flexibility of the movement in the gravity field. 


Many professional athletes, Olympic medalists, performers, dancers, musicians, actors, astronauts praise for Rolfing™ SI as a very effective bodywork. Rolfing™ is beneficial for any ages, from babies, children to senior.


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[Types of sessions]

  • The basic 10 series (10 sessions)

  • Post 10, 5, 3 (Single or 5 or 3 session for the clients who's done the basic ten series)

  • Rolfing Movement (Movement coaching )

  • Single session​



Myofascial Release


Myofascial Release is one of the basic release technique for Rolfing™ Structural Integration. Rolfer™'s myofascial release will effectively relieve the many kinds of chronic pain, scoliosis, lordosis, whiplash, many kind of posture problems, improving the range of motion of the fascia.




Biodynamic Craniosacral


Restoring the balance of nervous system with a gentle and subtle approach on the cranium and sacrum through the spine. This gentle yet very powerful approach facilitates regaining the vitality of natural rhythm and healing ability in your own body in the fluid field. 


[Many people reports this is benefit for..]

  • Autonomic inbalance

  • Sleep problem

  • Migraine

  • Menoxenia

  • Tinnitus

  • Ear ringing

  • TMJ

  • Chronic tension

       Sound Healing / 
    Harmonic Massage


Sound Healing session at Coko Bodybalance is a passive and deep restorative relaxation & tuning treatment. This is a very effective treatment from a short session to a long session. 


[Many people reports this helps for..]


  • Deep restorative relaxation & tuning

  • Autonomic Nervous system balancing

  • Chronic tension release

  • Finding safety, peace in the body

  • Helps for improving your own meditation practice

  • Very good to combine with craniosacral therapy.

         Hand / Foot


Approaching to the body's refrect points/area in the hands/feet regain the healthy healing system connection the several parts of the whole body.


  • No needles

  • All hands on treatment

  • Regain/ reconnect the whole body natural healing ability/system in.

  • Promotes general health and well- being.


Coko has more than 15000 clients in 14 years experience.


Available to convine with sound healing. ​​

What to wear during the session?


Most clients receive work in their undergarment. Briefs are best for men: traditional panties and bra work well for women. If you are not comfortable with this stage of undress, two piece bathing suit or a pair of short,cotton gym shorts is a good choice. We can work with a variety of clothing, just keep the following in mind: ・You must be comfortable. Unlike massage, Rolfing requires you to get up from the table and walk around periodically. ・Clothing should not pinch or bind. If you can lie on the table and pull one knee to your chest without resistance, you are in good shape. ・Clothing should allow us to view and work your upper legs, mid-back and neck. [What Not to wear] ・ Fragrance. Many clients are highly-sensitive to smells. Even pleaasant ones. Sorry to ask, but please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne when you come for a session. ・Moisturizer,lotion or oils. Lotion on your skin makes it difficult to manipulate tissue layers effectively. The day of your session, it is helpful if you refrain from applying any type of moisturizer (or oil, especially) that does not completely absorb into your skin.

What types of the session has benefit/effective for you?


All of the services(session types) are available to take as a single session, however, the sessions Coko Bodybalance offer is the holistic approaches and our intention is supporting you to improve your health through the progress as series and you may notice the effect of the session in your first session or maybe not. We will talk about frequency of the sessions, plan for your healing program etc.. in your first session. If you don't know what kind of session you should take first, book for your first session as 90 min or 120 min.

Coko Bodybalance offers sessions to tune up the body with a holistic perspective and integrative approach for sustainable wellbeing.



  • Non invasive 

       : Invasive approach ignore regaining your natural healing system flow and it gets less effect to restore from the root                  cause and er don't get a sustainable result. 

         We work with not only the bod's structure, we also work with the function of the body, especially, nervous                    system(autonomic nervous system, somatic nervous system) balancing.

        The body that got balanced back by following the natural flow sustanably keep progressing and effectively improving the ability of homeostasis even though after finishing the series.


  • Holistic, Integrative 

      :  Our body is all connected as one. Your "sysmptoms" may appear as one of the messages from something else that the             root cause might be different. We see your body in holistic and in many layers step by step.


  • Educational 

      :  We aim to have you be more independent in your health and improve the ability to listen to your body what your body           really need to get better instead of relying on infinite external information in the world. We want you to be able to reset and tune up your condition by yourself without relying on something external help even though if you got something wrong with your health states. We think knowing about your own body and trusting the natural healing ability is the most important for the sustanable well-being. We give you some "homework" that you can do as "self care" at home, also, we offer classes / workshops that you can learn more as continuing education for yuor health.

  • Fun! 

     : Having fun and being more curious about your natural healing ability is the most important to get the better result and effectively regain your natural vitality.  

[Options : Analyzation systems ]



Coko Bodybalance can offer two types of analyzation systems as optional iif you would like to see the visual chance in addition to your experience.



1 : Body Align Pro

     is an app for being able to track your posture, movement improvement and progres.




2 : Fractal Dynamic Analysis System ('Alfa")


(+$30 include a customized therapy music and graphic result PDF)



  • Non invasive HRV system

  • Based Fractal Dynamic Analysis

  • Automatic generate customized music therapy

  • Dynamic graphic display and interface

  • Real time monitoring ans result comparison


              Autonomic system balance

               Stress index

               Hormone regulation

               Cardiac adaptation

               Energy balance

               Biological age

              Aura, chakras and meridian assessment (Alfa energy)

                                       Restorative Tuning Treatment / Movement Coaching


 Deep Therapeutic Relaxation, Healing / Personal Coaching with Somatic Body work, 

Myofascia Release / Sound Healing / Craniosacral Therapy / Reflexology / Rolfing Movement / Yoga / Fractal Dynamic Analysis System ('Alfa')
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