Model Needed for Rolfing™ Advanced Training Class

May someone is interested? Candidate should be done the basic Rolfing™ ten series before. Models Needed for Rolfing ® Advanced Training Class July 16 th - Aug 2 nd , 2018 • What is Rolfing Structural Integration (SI)? In brief, it’s hands on body and/or movement work that aims to realign the structure through soft tissue manipulation so your body moves with more ease and efficiency. Rolfing SI can enhance healthy bodies as well as help injured ones, and you may experience some of the following results: • injury recovery • pain reduction • stress relief • headache relief • increased flexibility and freedom of movement • better balance and ease • What to expect as a model: - Sessions will occu

Rolfing™ for Better Posture Session 3 with Ed

My first impression from this session came half way through when we stopped so I could walk around and 'check in' with my body. I knew that the side that Coko had been working on felt different, but it took me a moment to identify that the difference was that I wasn't feeling anything on that side. There is a very low level of pain and impingement through my hips that my body has accepted as normal, so I don't really notice it, at least not until it is no longer there. The rest of the session focussed on the other side of my body, and while the effect wasn't a strong, the background pain and impingement also went away on that side. The other big takeaway from the third session was in regards

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