Rolfing Ten Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session # 9

Session 9 was focused on upper body - a welcome focus, as my shoulders and back have been bothering me in the past few months; a nagging pain in my back, right by my left shoulder blade. Its usually accompanied by some tingling. Not super painful; more annoying than anything! I have been to the doctor, with him to tell me "its muscles". Mid way through the session, Coko was concentrating on the muscles beside/around my shoulder blades. One point in particular, she pushed ( a massage) on "THE SPOT" on my back that has been bothering me. The exact spot where I've been feeling this weird sensation for over a year! She told me...this is where my arms start. They start in y

Rolfing Ten Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session # 8

Rolfing has been a very interesting experience for me! In the past few months, I feel like I've gained so much more body awareness. One of the issues I was hoping to address was a uneven feeling in my feet and legs, and it has been my goal to be aware of this and help correct it with the Rolfing™ Ten Series. The biggest thing for me after session 8 was the grounded feeling I now have. My right foot and ankle always felt unstable; like I was going to teeter over if I put too much weight on it, or a fear of my ankle rolling. After session 8, my legs and feet even more grounded, and I can feel more even distribution of my weight between both feet. I am more able to feel and understand how

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