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How the Rolfing™Basic 10 Series Program Works?
Restore, Update and Learn how to feel good in your body.


Your introduction to Rolfing™ Structural Integration begins with the Basic 10-Series. In the 10-Series, we'll work each area of your body through a step-by-step process. In the first three sessions, we concentrate on your bodies "sleeve"(or external layer).  We re-hydrate, release superficial tension and create your foundation. 

Season 1: Superficial


In the first session, we "say hello to your whole body" through touch and "listening" to the body together to gain body awareness. In the same way that clay is easier to sculpt when moist, we hydrate the tissues by applying slow, specific pressure. You'll walk away from session one with greater body awareness, your tissues hydrated and prepared for the beginning of the structural integration process.

Session two is all about creating "happy feet" through increasing space and alignment in your feet and lower body for a good foundation. We use manipulation to create more hydration and balance.

In session three, we work on your body like a "prepared canvas." We continue to release your superficial tension and establish the body's "side to side" frame stability while increasing the adaptability for upcoming core work.


Now that your body is nicely hydrated and prepared for deeper work, we move on to session four.

From session four, we begin to work on your core. 

Session 1-3​

Don't chase the symptoms, do you want to get a sustainable result? Raise your awareness of your natural healing ability and learn how to use your body.
Season 2: Deep


In session four, we focus on resetting the balance of the pelvic floor and adductors. We will work in the deeper layers than in sessions 1-3, which helps to improve the stability and flexibility of the pelvis. The pelvis is the key to creating the stability of the lower body and freedom of the upper body. You may realize how much your legs actually have more range of motion, flexibility and they are amazingly long and you may feel like you get "Miami Hip" from "New York Hip" and are excited to go for walk after the session. 


In session five,  we learn about core awareness by concentrating on the major psoas muscle. Core strength doesn't mean you have to have a 6-pack on your abdominal muscles. Real core strength has to do wit the balance of resiliency, adaptability, and overall stability. The more your abdominous and belly relax, the more your "gut brain" has the opportunity to rejuvenate and you feel greater vitality.


In Session six, we reset the pattern of "the midline" which is the natural flow from the cranium to the sacram through the spine. This helps you experience deeper relaxation, flexibility and elasticity in the body.  You may start to feel more motivated to participate in movement exercise and enjoy walking.


In Session seven, it's all about restoring the "space" in your body by balancing the neck, head, face and anything above the upper ribs. Your face impression represents who you are.  Having tension in this area also increases tension in your whole body. Getting back the optimised balance and structure of the head recovers vitality and facilitates deeper relaxation in daily life.

Season 3: Integration


In session eight and nine, we work to re-engage and reset the body to update and prepare towards the integration in session ten. 



Session ten,  We begin to explore the next level of well being in your life! Now, you may be more aware of about these connections or start noticing the different perspective about your health, movement, how to use your body. Although you may get something new "symptoms" as a message from your body, you may also notice that it is much easier to tune up your body than before that prevent the worse case as you raised your body awareness for the natural healing by itself.Congratulations!


As long as we breathe, we never get tired of exploring our well-being of the body, mind and spirit.  Depending on your goals, you may wish to continue Rolfing™ as a regular practice or come for occasional tune-up sessions or group/private movement classes to learn how to move in your updated body.


Session 4-7

Session 8- 10​

About Rolfing™SI Service


1. Rolfers do not see multiple patients at once and give a full private session at each client visit.


2. Rolfers are trained extensively to work on a very wide variety of body systems and conditions.


3. Rolfing is a world-renowned professional therapy utilized by Olympic athletes, world famous musicians & performers.

After the Rolfing™basic ten series


Follow up / Tune up sessions 

Movement coaching session 

Priority access to group class/ workshop 




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