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[Exercise] Tune into Fascia with 3D whole-body scanning (Seaweed Standing)


Sequence: Seaweed Standing

Purpose: Tune into scanning whole body to be able to feel the layer of fascia connection

Positioning: Feet on the ocean floor, Standing like seaweed in the ocean

Key points: Gentle breath, relaxing the eyes, and floating the tung

Tune Into Fascia

Before we begin, let's review a few basic points about effective fascia self-care.

You are in the safe environment

Your whole body is connected

“Less is More”, pressure doesn’t have to be “strong” to release fascia


Imagine a rooted seaweed is standing and floating in the ocean

You are either closing your eyes or keeping a soft-focused with eyes open.

Tongue floats in the middle of the mouth/ eyeballs are nice & relax

( give time for about 5 sec ish)


Start from 3D whole-body scanning.

Notice your feet sink into the ocean floor. Begin to gentry shift your feet side to side, back to front, feel the ocean floor beneath your feet.

With your next in-breath, from the toes through the body to the top of the head with inhale, from the top of the head to the tows with exhaling.

Take 6-7 more oceanic breaths, notice what you notice.

Exercise Video version is coming soon!


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