What are the benefits of the Kita Sound Healing Machine?

Listening to the certain sounds is good for the same benefits is some ascription for drags. It also believes that these sounds whom your brain, this specific sounds’s frequencies by creating vibration that resonate within parts of nervous system. Medical experts say that listening to different frequencies could play it possible law in treatment of stress and depression and cooping with more severe disease such as cancer etc.. Kita Peace creating machine is invented by Mr. Keiichirou Kita and he created this a CD player and there is the cushion which filters the music turns into the vibrations. Listening to the delta waves through the ear and tissue of the body, especially bone tissue is the

Holism versus Mechanism [Extract from “Unspoken Voice”]

Most people address physical complaint to individual body parts: “ My neck is too short.” “My hips are too wide.” “I can’t reach my arm behind my back.” “ It hurts to bend over.” In our neighborhood crosswalk, we can see Mr. Carlsen has a stiff spine and aching knees. Practitioners of conventional medicine and physical therapy view bodies as aggregations of damaged parts. They would Mrs. Garcia a shoulder brace and teach her some abdominal strengthening exercises. For Mr. Carlsen, they would advise pain medication and, eventually, knee surgery. While the medical model of the body can be lifesaving, many chronic problems —as displayed by the two people in the crosswalk— would be better

Testimonial (Rolfing) ~It’s just like Yoga!~

Before having a Rolfing session I thought that rolfing is similar to chiropractors, but after I realized that it’s different. Coko synchronized my breathing and my natural movements using her physical movements. I felt that my mind was also synchronized with my physical movements. I think that the ideology is similar to Yoga because of breathing and meditation. It’s very interesting and very comfortable. I’ve never had this sensation before. Before the session my jaw was a little tight and had discomfort. Moreover when I woke up my neck was painful. After the session these problems were relieved. I am stressed out as well. I’m looking forward to the next session. ~Kanako Vancouver BC Canad

I always have headache (Migraine}. Can Rolfing help to relieve this?

I always have headache (Migraine}. Can Rolfing help to relieve this? Migraines are usually caused due an imbalance in the body’s functional system or posture imbalances could also be one of the reasons for the tension. Rolfing approach helps to improve autonomic (active and relaxed) nervous system with the body alignment approach.

Sound Healing workshop ~May 18th, 19th

SOUND HEALING FOR PRACITIONERS Instruction: During the weekend we’ll share the gentle yet powerful healing ability of sound and vibration. We’ll discuss and play with the various types of sounds and vibrations that you can introduce to both your work and personal experience. Group Participation: We’ll play a variety of instruments, singing bowels and our own voice to create a sonic environment where we come together as our own unique orchestra. A sonic environment is created through specific use of the instruments and voice and the order of their use. It is through adding and subtracting these layers that we move through the experience in an intuitive way. We’ll learn to tap into our own int

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