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Rolfing™ Basic 10 Series for Better Posture with Ed

[The video's (from the left ) : Before 1 / After 5 / After 10 ]

I went into Coko's Rolfing series with an open mind, but not a lot of understanding of what exactly Rolfing is. I was hoping it would help me get rid of my slouching posture and improve my flexibility. I don't want to have to struggle to touch my toes!

Over the course of the ten session series, I had to adjust my expectations, but in a very good way.

I still find myself slouching when I'm not paying attention to how I sit or stand, but in the past it was tiring and uncomfortable when I forced myself to sit or stand up straight. Now when I correct my posture using the cues that Coko has taught me, it takes a lot less effort, and it makes my body feel good. I continue to work on it, and it gets easier every day.

For the flexibility, in the past I would struggle to touch my toes, and feel it in my back and arms, almost to the point of hurting myself. Now when I try to touch my toes, it can still be a bit of a struggle, but I'm feeling it in my hamstrings. As I continue to work on it, I'm improving the flexibility in my hamstrings instead of just straining my back.

The biggest benefit for me from the Rolfing sessions isn't how it's changed my posture when standing or sitting, and it's not in improved flexibility or range of motion. Those things have all gotten better, but the biggest benefit has been in how I move. My body now feels more connected, and my movement feels more fluid, more effortless. The changes have become very apparent while playing soccer. I have continued to play the game at a high level for many years by evolving my game as I've gotten older and a bit slower. This year I am beating players with my speed and change of pace the way I used to when I was a lot younger and faster.

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