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The simple fascia-release self-care practices for neck pain.[Experience 3 : Ear Massage]

Before we begin, let's review a few basic points about effective fascia self-care.

- You are in a safe environment / - Your whole body is connected - “Less is More”, pressure doesn’t have to be “strong” to release fascia

[Experience 3: Ear Massage]

*you may take off the earrings

- Take/Using your thumb and index finger - you can do both ears together or separately - say hello to the ears by gently massaging them along the edge of the ears

- sinking the fingers into the contact (Slow and rich contact pressure and massage around the ears.

- Take the fingertips on the 1,2,3 fingers, massage the edge of the behind of the ear

- Take the middle part of the ear with thumb and 1(and 2) finger, slowly and gently pull the ears/them out like stretching as you breathe in for three seconds, let go and release as you breathe out.

Please give us your comment and feedback!

I hope you enjoy this♪ Coko


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