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[Holistic Holiday at Sea 2023]
Achieving Myofascia and Nervous System Harmony with Structural Integration with Coko Nakashima

Dates: March 17th - March 24th, 2023

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Jellyfish Club(Rolfing Movement)  Class


~Exploring Myofascia and nervous system harmony(network) with Structural Integration



Posture, Balance and Flexibility Movement Coaching Session  Series


 In this series, as a small group, we will learn your body’s true functions, investigate your body awareness, and increase flexibility and fluidity. This exploration will be achieved through various methods, such as stretching, self-myofascial release, postural positioning, breathing exercises, micro-movements, and sensory body scanning.


Learning the ‘roots’ of the body’s various movement systems will not only relieve you from negative symptoms, but it will also ‘restart’ the body in a way that will prevent future movement issues. This practice allows you to unlock fundamental physical barriers, and ultimately improve your way of life. Better body awareness also facilitates your natural healing ability.



[Class schedule]


Please check the event schedule 


"I love this practice with Coko. I find it very grounding. The simple techniques Coko teaches help me to unlock parts of my body that are blocked so that I have more mobility and flexibility in my whole body. Coko is very professional and skilled and also very fun."  Colleen

Wah Tor Chi Kung Basic Level with Hing


Small class coaching on Wah Tor Chi Kung Basic Level.

Focus on posture, breathing technique, relaxation through stretching and chi flow (energy for vital life force) .


Date and Time:   Wednesday morning (7:30am-8:30am or 8 -9am ) 


Location: 2620 West Broadway, Vancouver (Foot Solutions)


Cost: $30 for monthly or $10 per session (drop in basis)


Instructor: Yuen Hing Tse  (Chi Kung Instructor, C.N.P., M.S.W.)


Welcome to book one free trial out session, for registration, please text Hing at 778-231-1868 or email 




[About Yuen Hing Tse]


Yuen Hing Tse is a  Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Chi Kung instructor and a retired social worker. Hing has over 20 years  of experience in the health sector working in hospital and community centres.  Hing has been teaching Wah Tor Chi Kung since 2018 and has successfully helped many students to regain health. Hing's passion is supporting people for self healing through chi kung practice and making healthy eating choices . 

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