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The following are services I offer for integrative, holistic well-being.

Rolfing™ Structural Integration 
The Rolfing™ Basic 10 Series 


  • Rolfing Structural Integration works to restore the body's natural alignment. 

  • The goal is to cultivate greater integrity, balance and wholeness in our body, mind and spirit.  

  • Rolfing is praised by many professional athletes, musicians, and people who suffer from severe and chronic physical symptoms as a modality that helps with these challenges.

  • The Rolfing Basic 10 series helps get better results for you to improve and excel physically.

  • Rolfing sessions are private, and my clients range anywhere from adults, teens (12-18 years old) and children (0  - 11 years old) and even animals!



It's said that the biggest cause of back problems is gravity.  Rolfers help the body organize as we stand on two feet instead of the four feet we evolved from.  Our body structure is very unique; we don't stand up "straight" and remain stationary like a building, we humans also move through space.  As a result of Rolfing, the body operates more efficiently psychologically, physically and spiritually because we are more balanced in the gravity field.   ... read more

Myofascial Release - One of the basic techniques for Rolfing™ Structural Integration



Fascia is also referred to the body's connective tissue - the biological fabric that holds us together. You are made up of about 70 trillion cells – neurons, muscle cells, and skin – all humming in relative harmony.  Fascia is the 3-D spider web of fibrous, gluey, and wet proteins that bind these cells together in their proper placement. Think about your body's fascia as if you are wearing many layers of bodysuits, kind of like an onion.  Rolfers work on the body to release the connective layers, like peeling an onion. Myofascial release helps to improve the elasticity of the connective tissue, and this helps with preventing injury.    

CranioSacral Therapy and Structural Integration - Biodynamic Orientation and the Art of Yield.

“The cerebral-spinal fluid is one of the highest known elements that are contained in the body, and unless the brain furnishes this fluid in abundance, a disabled condition of the body will remain.”

 — AT Still


Benefits for


  • Chronic Pain

  • Trauma Care

  • Improves Stress and Fatigue

  • Improves sensory body and mind awareness

  • Regulating the Autonomic Nervous system

  • Experience Deep Relaxation

  • Used as structural integration for sensitive people

Sound Healing - Biosonic Harmonic Massage -

We've all had the experience of listening to natural sounds in nature and experiencing the immediate release of tension that follows in body, mind, and spirit.  Others enjoy listening to relaxing music and nature sounds and find this helpful to positively change their mood.  This is the healing power of Sound. 


70 % of our body consists of water. Playing instruments or singing alters the molecular vibration in the body, creating a feeling of whole body harmonic massage. Sound conducts through the air at 340m/sec, at 1500m/sec in the water and at 5600m/sec in the bones.

There are many sound healing machines, I use the Kita Biosonic Peace Machine, and what I like about it, is that it brings together the very powerful tool of sound and pairs it with hands-on human touch.

  As a practitioner, I learned to provide skilled healing touch with the powerful healing of sound; i learned there is a natural flowing partnership between sound and touch, and enjoy providing it as a service to my clients. 



Sound Healing and the Kita Biosonic Peace Machine offers:

  • Helps with fatigue, sleep problems and stress reduction 

  • Regulates Autonomic Nervous and Immune system imbalances;


  • Helps to increase the production of serotonin;

  • Improves tissue hydration;

  • Increases your natural healing ability and awareness;

  • Enhances feelings of well-being

Rolfing Movement | Yoga | Sensory Body Awareness Practice


Private Session or Class / All levels welcome!

Rolfing movement practice operates on a subtle level;  In these Rolfing based movement classes, We will target the ‘roots’ of the body’s various movement systems. Learning about these systems will not only improve your body's general fluidity and health, and provide relief for you from negative symptoms, but it will also ‘restart’ the body in a way that will prevent future movement issues. This practice will allow you to unlock fundamental physical barriers and help you acquire a vital body, ultimately improving your way of life. Better body awareness skills also facilitate your natural healing ability as you begin to pay greater attention to your body and how it moves through space.

Throughout each session, we will learn the bodies’ true functions, investigate our body awareness, and increase flexibility and fluidity. This exploration will be achieved through various methods such as stretching, self-myofascial release, postural positioning, breathing exercises, micro movements, sensory body scanning, and self-massage.  View the schedule here 


Bio-fractal analysis and bio-energy analysis


Fractal Dynamic Analysis is a profound mathematical approach towards the self-regulatory non-linear system in the universe and has a profound implication on medicine. Application of fractal analysis provides a unique tool to understand the regulation of the physiology in health and diseases. The human body is constantly exposed to various kinds of stress; physical, mental and emotional. If the stress is too big, then the body’s regulatory system becomes strained, exhausted and weak. The body’s reaction to stress depends on the individual’s energetic and functional resources. These energetic resources are nutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and oxygen. The functional resource is the body’s ability to work flexible and restructuring in response to stress. Pulse is the best indicator of health,  all the life processes in the human body are reflected by the pulse which is synchronized with the heartbeat. Even a little stress of the body leads to alterations of these rhythms.

By combining proprietary technology based fractal dynamic principle, Alfa and Alfa Energy, this two in one system provides insight on the dynamics of cardiac rhythms, autonomic system balance, energy consumption, preservation, and flow to provide real-time bio-feedback on the wellbeing of individuals.

Features include:

  • Non Invasive portable HRV system

  • Automatically generate customized music therapy

  • Real-time monitoring and comparison of Autonomic system balance / Stress index / Hormone regulation / Cardiac adaptation / Energy balance / Biological age / Aura, chakra and meridian assessment (Alfa energy) 




Reflexology stimulates acupuncture points in the feet and hands which correspond to specific parts of the body. Often taken daily, Reflexology provides immediate relief from fatigue. Over time, it improves your overall health through increased circulation & lymphatic drainage.

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