Rolfing™ Movement Classes. Keep the momentum going.

Now that you are experiencing more flow, less pain and deeper connection with your body; keep that momentum going. Enjoy this delightfully spontaneous yet intensively functional remapping movement class. Stay on track and deepen your progress from your Rolfing sessions. Learn simple home care and self-Rolfing techniques.

Your Body Sense

Did you notice it is so easy to carry on a conversation while walking? You even don’t think about how to move, you just do, walk. Most of people believe that movement is created by brain commands through anervous system, however, there are a lots of communication is occuring whithin your body, cell to cell, organ to organ, in your connective tissue. You are not controled by just 5 senses, we have 6th sense–body sense. In Sue Hitzmann’s book, she writes about Robert Schleip, who is a certified Rolfer and fascia(connective tissue) resercher. Robert says, “Connective tissue is the largest sensory organ in the body” Indeed, whole body is connected as a network. Rolfing ™: Hydrate connective tiss

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