Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Experiencing with MomoFrank Session5&6

It’s been a while since I wrote the last report... After I received the 5th session, I was doing very well in terms of both my mental and physical health... until I caught a cold a couple of weeks ago. But I was able to keep the symptoms to minimum and I got all better within a week. It felt like I was able to fight off the virus easier and it didn’t last as long as the other times. After I overcame the cold, I was looking forward to my 6th session with Coko... I missed a couple of yoga classes as well due to the cold and my body and mind were starting to feel a little disconnected and unbalanced... like I was a little out of tune... As soon as the 6th session started, I was able to concen

Expanding the safe in the body. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Session Experiencing with MomoFrank

My 4th session of Cranio Sacral Therapy was very replenishing and reenergizing that afterwards I took a detour and ended up walking home a lot further than usual. I felt like I was walking on clouds. It felt like my senses were woken and sharpened. It was a beautiful autumn day and I wanted to take it all in, all the beauty in the world. It was such a blissful walk home. That night, I slept so deep and sound without any nightmares, waking up the next morning feeling mentally and physically restored. One thing I realized clearly after 4 sessions of this therapy is how my perception of my surroundings and awareness level have changed. Before the therapy, my awareness of my surroundings fel

Rolfing™ Ten Series Experience with Michelle - Session 2 - "Happy Feet"

The second session with Coko started much like the first; she took some photos of me from the Front, Back, and each side before the session to analyze my alignment. We then headed to a treadmill where she took some video of me walking at a casual pace. Coko was super attentive and informative during the session. I was asking her about my feet, and they're far more complex than I previously thought (there are 28 bones on each foot!) and explained the importance of having a good foundation to maintain good posture. She spent the majority of the session working and releasing tension in my feet, but also spent time on my neck, back and legs. After the session was done, Coko took me back to th

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Session Experiencing with MomoFrank ~Session 3

My third session of Cranio Sacral Therapy was yet another very relaxing experience. Since I received the first two sessions, I’ve noticed that my mood has been more stable and I haven’t had too much overwhelming anxiety in everyday life. This time, I asked Coko to leave on the one very dim light only, so the room was darker. As soon as the session started, my consciousness turned inwards and I started to feel all the tension and anxiety I was holding subconsciously melting away. I started to feel that wave-like sensation inside of me soon after... and I let go of my consciousness and I fell asleep. Due to my depression and anxiety disorder, I tend to have several nightmares during the night

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