Rolfing™ + Yoga pre-class on July 23rd, 2016

This pre-class is for people who want to learn how to use and move your body in your comfort and safe gravity field. Official class is starting from September. I am organizing for regular Yoga +Rolfing Movement class starting from September. I see many clients who got injured from their gym exercise, sports and yoga practice. Your body has updated from Rolfing experience, next step for you is learning how to use it, like updated computer. As a yoga teacher and Rolfer™, I would like to share learning and practicing how to use your body in the gravity field properly, that helps and improve your regular exercise and performance a lot. Rolfing™ movement practice facilitate to remap your body str

What is Rolfing™ Structural Integration?

A Rolfed Body is a Happy Body. So what is Rolfing™? Is it massage? Physio? What is it like and what exactly does it do? I get this question a lot and even though Rolfing™ has been around a long time, it is still not as well-known as you might expect. Rolfing™ is well-known in Olympic circles. There are Rolfers™ who work with the Olympic Athletes and a whole team of them were in Rio for the 2016 Olympics. Yes, really! Rolfing™ is a physical modality. From a distance, it can look like massage – but it’s not. As a Rolfer™, my area of focus is your fascia. That’s the thin tissue holding your organs together. I want you to imagine you are in bed. A night of tossing and turning has left your du

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