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Rolfing Ten Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session # 8

Rolfing has been a very interesting experience for me! In the past few months, I feel like I've gained so much more body awareness. One of the issues I was hoping to address was a uneven feeling in my feet and legs, and it has been my goal to be aware of this and help correct it with the Rolfing™ Ten Series. The biggest thing for me after session 8 was the grounded feeling I now have. My right foot and ankle always felt unstable; like I was going to teeter over if I put too much weight on it, or a fear of my ankle rolling. After session 8, my legs and feet even more grounded, and I can feel more even distribution of my weight between both feet.

I am more able to feel and understand how my feet interact with the floor, and can feel all four corners of my feet touching the ground with each step. I also feeling more connected and fluid in my lower body at the same time. What I mean by this is, I am aware of how the joints in my lower body (knees, ankles, hips) are connected, and how they work together when my body moves. I can also feel more fluid movement - like the joints are working together instead of as separate pieces of my body, especially in my ankles. Its really interesting as I find myself analyzing and correcting my own posture and form while walking in everyday life, which is really cool! Having the new found awareness for my lower body is helping me be more conscious of how my movement and posture are connected; while feeling more stable all at the same time. One thing that was very interesting to me was when walking with my dog and husband after session 8, my husband asked me "why" my arms were moving while I walked! Normally I walk like an army general, with straight, stiff arms...but I was feeling fluid and the stability in my lower body allowed my upper body to release and move more was really neat to hear that he saw a change in the way I'm moving...I definitely feel it, but to know my gait is visibly different to others is wonderful!

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