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Rolfing Ten Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session # 9

Session 9 was focused on upper body - a welcome focus, as my shoulders and back have been bothering me in the past few months; a nagging pain in my back, right by my left shoulder blade. Its usually accompanied by some tingling. Not super painful; more annoying than anything! I have been to the doctor, with him to tell me "its muscles". Mid way through the session, Coko was concentrating on the muscles beside/around my shoulder blades. One point in particular, she pushed ( a massage) on "THE SPOT" on my back that has been bothering me. The exact spot where I've been feeling this weird sensation for over a year! She told me...this is where my arms start. They start in your back. WHAT? (LOL) I have been moving my arms from my shoulder joint for as long as I can remember. Coko advised to try and move my arms from the place in my back, rather than right at my shoulder joint. Working on this spot in particular, initially it was a bit tender, but after the session I felt a great deal of relief. Interestingly enough, I haven't felt the back pain since. I also noticed a change in my neck; I feel like my neck appears longer, with less "computer neck" happening. It is great for a short gal like me to feel just a wee bit taller and more upright :)

<before and after session 9 photos>

This session also involved some breath work practice. Coko had me lean against a wall, and try to breathe into my back/heart centre. She instructed me to feel the breath moving through my body when breathing in, focusing on pushing against the wall with my breath/back. It was very difficult at first, but understanding the breath and how to focus it within my body is an important practice. We do this in yoga, but to apply it in this fashion has helped me to be conscious of my breath while in everyday body transport (walking/running). It has helped me understand the capacity of my breath, and how it relates to my body and posture, and how posture affects the quality and capacity of the breath. Its very interesting to be aware of this, and is helping me understand and change my habitual patterns to new body movements which are more beneficial to my body.

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