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Rolfing™ Ten-Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session 5

Session 5 was focused on hips and the "psoas muscles". Through the ten series, I've been trying to concentrate my energy on learning how to walk with better posture. Something I've become more aware of since starting the ten series is how walking feels to me. I notice more now that I tend to lean forward while walking and running, if I'm not paying close attention.

During the session, Coko worked on smoothing the fascia in my inner thighs, hips and middle back area. At the end of the session, when doing our usual "walking" test on the treadmill, I felt like I wasn't leaning as forward as I normally would! The stability in my legs and ankles remains and is stacking level on level, joint on joint, like my stability is coming from my feet, and moving upwards each and every session. I am also more aware of how my body moves, and can correct my posture mindfully when practicing in everyday life.

Coko also gave me feedback and homework to work on breathing into my chest, and taking full breaths. I noticed my shoulders and chest were feeling a bit more open after this session as well, allowing me to feel the full effect of my breath easier. Looking forward to session #6!

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