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Rolfing™ Ten Series Experience with Michelle - Session 2 - "Happy Feet"

The second session with Coko started much like the first; she took some photos of me from the Front, Back, and each side before the session to analyze my alignment. We then headed to a treadmill where she took some video of me walking at a casual pace.

Coko was super attentive and informative during the session. I was asking her about my feet, and they're far more complex than I previously thought (there are 28 bones on each foot!) and explained the importance of having a good foundation to maintain good posture. She spent the majority of the session working and releasing tension in my feet, but also spent time on my neck, back and legs.

After the session was done, Coko took me back to the treadmill where we studied my gait again. I was walking at the same speed as previous, but it FELT better. My range of motion felt more even between the two sides of my body, and it was easier to move with the belt of the treadmill. If you look at the videos, you can totally see the difference!

Coko then gave me some homework for my feet fascia to keep them open. She suggested using a tennis ball, rolling it on the bottom of the foot before a run will help to keep the feet relaxed, and midnful of my steps to keep the body in good alignment. I'm trying to work this practice into my running routine now so i can continue to have "happy feet" and feel balance and ease! I am looking forward to session #3.

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