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How Rolfing Works

How Rolfing Works

By freeing up the fascia, or connective tissue, the body begins to regain it’s natural movement, balance and harmony. Connective tissue is the stuff that holds us together. It binds muscles to bones, as tendons, bones to bones as ligaments. It forms the surface layers of organs and is wrapped around and invested through all the organs, tissues and muscles of the body.

Connective tissue also manages the strain we put through the body. As that strain is unbalanced, so the tissue thickens and shortens, bracing the body to handle the effects of overuse and trauma.

Rolfing works with the connective tissue to release those holding patterns, be it an old injury site, an often repeated strain as in RSI, or an emotional holding pattern like “the weight of the world on the shoulders”. By separating muscles that have become glued together, restoring natural joint range, and reeducating movement, the body comes back towards alignment in gravity.

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