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Rolfing Ten Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session 4 - SQUARE PANTS PART 2

Session 4 focused on the inside of my legs, and stabilizing the pelvic floor to help with more foundational support for the rest of my body. Having completed 3 sessions already, I am finding it easier to observe and understand how my body moves. Compounding results from my earlier sessions has allowed me to feel more foundationally supported.

The bodywork in this session was focused on inner legs, and included some upper body as well. After the session work, Coko asked how I was feeling, and it is interesting to me as now I feel like I easily communicate my body feeling. Normally when I'm running or walking, it feels as though I'm leaning forward, leading with my head and slightly bent over. After the session, I felt like I was standing more upright, and was able to walk with my heart forward, rather than my head. Coko didn't show me the before and after photos until i described how I was feeling; I was SO surprised to see the videos and photos below! You can actually see that I was standing straighter, and walking more upright. Normally I would really have to concentrate to initiate and hold this posture, but it felt natural and easy.

I left the session with homework. I learned from Coko that my legs actually start from my core, and to focus my attention when walking and moving from the core, which will allow for more upright movement. I can feel my body awareness growing! I'm looking forward to Session 5, which will be focused on the core and psoas muscles.

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