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Rolfing Ten Series Experience - Session #7

Session 7 is in my mind as one of my favorite sessions so far with Coko.  I've been dealing with some stress with the holidays approaching, and Rolfing with Coko has provided me a nice space to relax and ease tension. Session 7 started with Coko working on my shoulders and the muscles around my shoulder blades.  As I've mentioned before, working at a computer and sitting most of the day has added some stiffness and pain for me to my neck, shoulders and shoulder blades.  To my surprise, after working on the shoulders and back, Coko began concentrating on muscles in my face - specifically, my nose and mouth.  The muscles here are very small, and I had no idea that they could feel so "released and relaxed".  Very small movements and massage on my face and mouth left me with a feeling of relaxation in my upper body that I am not used to at all.  My eyes have also been tired lately, and when looking around the room, I could feel the muscles and the tension behind them.  This session left me with the ability to look around the room, and feel no pain in the process.  I had no idea my eyes were so strained/tired, until they were released!  My perception was increased, and my face and neck felt extremely relaxed for the entire day afterwards. 

After what felt like no time had passed at all, the session came to an end - it was a really long session!!! I think i may have fallen asleep, or just zoned out completely.  This was an amazing feeling, where I lost track of time and was completely in the moment.  I really needed the break, and I am really thankful to Coko for providing that space for me, and I'm looking forward to the final phase of my ten series. 

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