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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Experiencing with MomoFrank ~ Session 7

Every time I come out of the craniosacral therapy session with Coko, I feel deeply relaxed, replenished and reenergized. But those initial effects are not the only gifts I receive from her sessions. What I’m truly amazed by are the subtle yet big changes I see in myself in my everyday life. After the 7th session, I was walking home in a quiet residential area, admiring the beauty of the fall, feeling grateful.

For me, that is a big accomplishment. As I mentioned before, I was struggling with depression and severe anxiety not so long ago. And leaving my house, my safe place, was a big challenge for me. Now, I walk everywhere feeling no anxiety.

I find myself wanting to walk, wanting to move and use my body. With walking came deeper and sounder sleep at night.

And my creativity also started to come back and now I find myself being able to create more wether that be drawing, cooking or even sewing... I am feeling joy once again. And now I’ve found a new passion, pottery. I feel so cantered and grounded when I’m touching clay... I get lost in the present and lose track of time. I don’t feel stuck in past anymore.

It feels as if a river that runs within me finally started flowing after a long freezing winter. Something inside of me shifted and started moving. I am grateful for where I am and whom I become today. Without Coko’s guidance and assistance, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t have reconnected with myself. So Thank You, Coko!

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