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Rolfing™ Ten Series Experiencing with Michelle - Session #3 SQUARE PANTS Part 1

Session 3 - Square Pants Part 1

At the beginning of this session, Coko was explaining to me that we would be working on my body foundation via the outer sides of my legs. We worked on the lower body, and squaring my hips from the outside. Coko had me walk on a treadmill both before and after the session; and see how it felt to walk. One of my goals for my time with Coko was to have more range of motion in my legs, and to feel more stable on my feet. I tend to feel like i'm leaning on one side (my right side) more than my left, and my ankles would sometimes roll outwards when walking or running. The biggest change from before and after the session, was how my feet and ankles felt. After the session, my ankles felt like they were moving more freely, and when walking at the same speed on the treadmill, I felt more stable in my foundation. I also felt like more of my foot (specifically, the outer edge of my feet) had more contact with the floor, resulting in a grounded feeling.

After watching the video, you can see the difference in the range of motion - my ankles move more freely and without rigidity. This has been something I have really wanted to work on with my movement and posture. I definitely feel more supported by my ankles and legs after the squarepants sessions!

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