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What’s the big deal of getting Rolfing™? ~A dancer, Emily’s experience~

[What is Rolfing™ like? Is it like a massage?]

It is not like traditional massage. It is a little bit massage combine with exercises. Range of motion just moving one direction or the other practitioner works on you and it allows getting deeper into muscles.

[When and why have you decided to go to a Rolfer? Did you have pain? When yes, where?]

I’ve been dancing for years and I am also working in an office I want to get the tension less. I did not have pain but tension.

[Why have you chosen Rolfing and not another treatment?]

I got another treatment but they last for a little while and they did not really correct your posture. They treated only one spot but whole body.

[Why have you chosen Coko as your therapist?]

She has a very holistic view. She is very clearly and looking at you and figuring out where things are off she really knows what she is doing. She is charming.

[How long (how many sessions) did it take until you felt a change?]

It was a big change after 1st session.

[Does it hurt?]

It depends on the person. I expected it was very painful, but it is like deep stretch for me.

[What are the benefits for you?]

It helps my dancing a lot I do not have pain on my shoulders and neck.

[Would you recommend Rolfing™? Whom?]

Everybody who has problems with their bodies and people in my dance community.

[What else would you like to tell us about Rolfing™ or about Coko?]

It is the most integrated therapy that I have done. I wish I had done these years ago. She is one of the best therapists I have ever seen.

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