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Introduction of Jellyfish Club (Rolfing™ Movement Class)

Do you enjoy Yoga and/or Pilates?

Do you experience pain when you exercise?

Do you want to feel like Jellyfish in the gravity field?

This relaxing and simple, yet intensive stretching and movement class will get your body feeling like a Jellyfish!

Based on the Rolfing™ movement method, this program focuses on the resilient alignment and centering of the human body. The practice is similar to Yoga or Flow Movement, but explores the body on a more delicate and concentrated level. In addition, it teaches one how to engage a deeper awareness of their body’s, movements and functions. If you are a person who enjoys Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais method, Alexander technique, body talk, deep relaxation; or are a person who is not flexible enough to do yoga or stretch on their own, you will love this class!

・What are the benefits of this program? 

Since the Rolfing movement class operates on a subtle level, targeting the ‘roots’ of the body’s various movement systems, it will not only improve your general suppleness and health, relieving you from negative symptoms, but it will also ‘restart’ the body in a way that will prevent future movement issues. This class will allow you to unlock fundamental physical barriers and help you acquire a vital body, ultimately improving your way of life. Better body awareness skills also facilitate your natural healing ability.

・What will each class comprise of?

Throughout each class we will learn the bodies’ true functions, investigate our body awareness, and increase flexibility and fluidity. This exploration will be achieved through various methods such as stretching, self-myofascial release, postural positioning,breathing exercises, micro movements, sensory body scanning, and self-massage.

E.g. Session 1: Exploring the Pelvic girdle

I have terrible backache. How will the Jellyfish class help this?

Pelvic girdle, in human anatomy, is a basin-shaped complex of bones that connections the trunk and legs, supports the intensities, urinary bladder and internal sex organs. Therefore, it is important to have an aligned and flexible pelvic girdle, as it improves the general flexibility, balancing and function of the whole body. However, this area of the body is difficult to stretch and must be done with care and self-awareness. Let’s learn how to stretch the pelvic girdle in the comfort of your own home.

When: 10:45am~noon on Saturday

Where : Vital Health Medical and Wellness (1855 W 4th Ave Vancouver BC)

Free( Donation Basis) / Drop In Welcome!

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