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Rolfing™ Ten-Series - Session #10

The last session in my Beginner Series! In this session, I learned how to use my 'new' body and awareness to move more freely in my body. There was more movement in this session than any of the others; small micro movements of both my feet, ankles, legs and arms, while simultaneously moving in conjunction with my breath.

The Lower body work was focused on pushing my heel while engaging my legs and hips and understanding this feeling and how it relates to my breath. Upper body movements were focused on training me to reach from where my arms start in the mid back, and utilizing my core to support my body movements and how this relates to my breath. The most surprising feeling for me was how difficult I found it to do these micro movements; it doesn't need to be a big movement to have a big effect! I was able to understand the connection and fluidity in my new body, and how to engage my muscles and joints in a new way.

Some of the movements felt weird, but I know this is just the unfamiliarity with my new body structure and breath awareness. I'm really looking forward to attending some Jellyfish movement classes in the new year to further develop and understand my body awareness.

Thank you Coko for an extremely positive experience and visible results with the Rolfing™ Ten Series!!!

<before session 1 and after session 10 photos/video!>

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