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Reconnecting the body & mind, Biodynaminc Craniosacral Therapy Experiencing with MomoFrank ~ Ses

Right before I went into my second session of Cranio Sacral Therapy, I was feeling a little anxious due to an unexpected and unpleasant incident that happened earlier that day.

When the session started, my mind was still filled with unsorted negative emotions and that made it difficult for me to let go of my anxiety and fall into a deep relaxation state at first. I couldn't shut off my brain and I couldn't concentrate on my breathing for a while.

I kept thinking about the incident and that led to other negative thoughts... I would have fallen deeper in the spiral of negative thoughts if I didn't feel Coko's touch on my ankle. Her touch gently grounded me emotionally.

When I felt Coko's gentle touch on the back of my neck, I started to tear up quietly. I felt safe to give in to my emotions and I started to let my tears run.

It was as if Coko's touch was giving me a permission to release the built up tension inside of me.

There was no exchange of words but there was simply an act of giving and receiving.

If the first session was about a release of a physical tension in my body, second session was about a release of an emotional tension for me. For someone who's body and mind feels almost disconnected at times due to severe stress, I feel that Cranio Sacral Therapy may help in reconnecting the body and mind. It almost feels like a counselling session without words. Thank you, Coko!

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