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Rolfing™ for Better Posture ~ Session 1, Ed's experiece

The end of my first Rolfing session felt like waking from a dream. It was an experience unlike any other massage or physiotherapy treatment I have received in the past. It was only the first session, but there were two noticeable changes in my body.

The first change I felt was a synchronization of my movements when I walked. All my joints were moving in unison, like gear wheels meshing together. Before the treatment, I would describe the same movement as gear wheels with a few teeth missing, so everything was slightly out of sync.

The second change was something that I noticed later in the week. I have been working on improving my posture for a while, and that is one of the main reasons I have signed up for the Rolfing treatments. I've been trying to remain more aware of my body in space, and when I catch myself

slouching I would try to correct it by holding my head more upright, pulling my shoulders back, and lifting my chest. This 'top down' approach appeared to fix my posture, but it took a lot of effort to maintain this body shape.

After the first session, I've found that if simply focus on activating my glutes and flattening my lower back, my chest, shoulders, and head naturally end up in a much better position and it requires a lot less effort to maintain this body shape.

[Before Session 1→ After Session 1]

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