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Rolfing™ Ten Series Experience with Michelle - Session 1

I've only recently learned about Rolfing™ and the benefits it can have for your body and mind. What brought me to Coko and the Rolfing Ten Series was entering my 30's, I am taking a much more active approach to my health and wellness; One of the biggest items on my list: POSTURE. I work with computers regularly and wanted to improve and sustain good posture. I read that Rolfing™ Ten-Series and Structural Integration can help with this and ease many body complaints as a result.

I went in to my first session not really knowing what to expect. Coko made me feel comfortable and welcome. Her space is open and relaxing, and Coko's calming energy put me at ease. She handed me a thorough questionnaire, and asked me some follow up questions with regards to my body and movement. It surprised me what came up as a result of the questionnaire - "What do you want to improve?" - well..Posture for one...and I have always felt like I put more weight on my right foot, and feel slightly off balance while walking and standing at times. I hadn't really thought about this prior to the session, but it became apparent after meeting with Coko that it is a WHOLE BODY PERSPECTIVE, not just one "thing" that contributes to your alignment and body flow.

After I changed into my shorts and tank (regular workout clothes), Coko instructed me to walk around the room, studying my gait. She asked me to "FEEL" what my walk was like. I tried my best to describe to her, we took some before photos of how I naturally stand, and then we got to work on the massage table. Coko made me super comfortable with a blanket, pillows for support and began working. I've heard that some say Rolfing hurts, but to me, the challenging feelings are no different than a good massage. After working on my extremities, arms, shoulders and hamstrings coupled with purposeful movement, Coko had me slowly sit up and again, walk around the room. She asked me how it felt to walk now vs. the beginning of the session. I did notice that my feet felt more STABLE...its hard to describe but i felt like i was standing more effectively on my base, and that my hips were level where before I tended to lean to the right hand side of my body while walking. I felt more balanced. Coko sent me on my way with a glass of water and instructions to "listen to my body" during my regular runs and yoga practice.

The next day, I went for my run WITHOUT...headphones (!). Normally I listen to Podcasts, but this time, I was listening to my body. I think I ran a bit slower, and was able to focus on my body and how I was moving, and the impact that has on my body as a result of HOW I am running. I concentrated on my heels touching down and the feeling of my whole foot touching the ground. Mindful attention, and I look forward to my next session - HAPPY FEET!

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