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~A Rolfing Experience~ To relieve Neck / Shoulder Ache

This is the latest feedback from a client who has done the basic Rolfing ten series ( 50’s Female, Vancouver BC / Start : Feburary 2014/ Finish : May 2014).

①What was your major / minor symptoms you would like to gain from Rolfing before you start the 10 series?

To relieve the neck / shoulder ache

②Did you notice anything difference about it after the ten series?

Yes, the neck / shoulder ache has been reduced.

③Is there anything else you noticed improvement / change/ difference between before the 10 series and after the series?

I learn to take deeper breaths, stretches and better posture.

④Do you have the specific session you have a big impact? Which session? Any reason?

When she worked inside of my nose and mouth, that’s something I have not experienced before. I feel it did unblocke some space inside . Also, the sonic session was very relaxing.

⑤What’s the impression of Rolfer™ Coko? 

She is very soft and gentle and knows the body structure very well.

⑥Was that hard work to come to the sessions 10 times? How did you like it?

It was not hard for me. I think one session per week is just the right pace. It gives my body time to recuperate and adjust.

⑦Is there anything advise for improving our service?

Not so far. I especially appreciate the text reminder the day before the session.

⑧Please feel free to write your comments.

I will certainly recommend Rolfing to friends.

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