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Rolfing™ Structural Integration For Children & Babies

As parents, one of our concerns is to produce a balanced child or baby. Rolfing™ Structural Integration helps.

Help Them to Feel Great in Their Bodies.

Rolfing™ Structural Integration is a system of manual manipulation and movement education which produces better alignment, manages the aches and pains associated with childhood development, and improves overall well-being and confidence.

Adult complaints of chronic backache, neck pain, and other physical and emotional stressors can originate from a childhood imbalance. Rolfing™ can begin to correct patterns and imbalances, both inherent or learned which if left unaddressed, may limit the child's development and mobility.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf Ph.D. (the founder of Rolfing™) worked extensively with children and babies, addressing childhood development issues like curved spines, twisted legs, or extended abdomens from poor posture, along with traumas from falls, accidents injuries, or birth.

Dr. Rolf's work with children and babies showed:

  • Dramatic improvement in chronological, psychological, and physical courses of development;

  • Children responded with increased confidence and verbal expression;

  • Improved self-image and enthusiasm;

  • More self-control and less destructive behavior;

  • More comfortable with their bodies and

  • More physically active.

Rolfing™ at an early age gives children ease within their own bodies and helps develop a positive self-image.

Early intervention by a Rolfer™, who understands children and babies' unique needs, can make a profound difference in a child's awareness, comfort level, and self-esteem. The importance of receiving loving supportive touch, in and of itself, is immeasurably valuable to a developing child.

Rolfing™ Structural Integration can accomplish so much more, creating palpable change in the child's connective tissue matrix.

Rolfing™ is an effective means to address and assist with:

  • Language repartee and social responsiveness;

  • Behavioral problems including concentration and attention;

  • Growing pains;

  • Height and weight issues, particularly at the low end of the scale;

  • Illness or disease such as Cerebral Palsy or Scoliosis (curvature of the spine);

  • Improved muscle tone;

  • Feet everting or inverting (pointing out or in) - one or both;

  • Bearing more weight on one leg than equally on both when standing;

  • Knock-knees or bow legs;

  • Lordosis (swayback) and portruding belly;

  • Hunched shoulders and Forward Head;

  • The tightness and scar tissue from activity or sports-related injury (dance, soccer etc.)

Rolfing™ Structural Integration for children and babies addresses these concerns at an early age to give them ease and comfort with their own bodies. This allows your child to develop confidence and knowledge that they carry their own state of grace within them. A child who slumps physically also slumps mentally and emotionally. Conversely, a child whose body is balanced and who moves gracefully reflects an inner environment of grace and confidence.


All sessions are private.

( Session length is approximately 45 min, depending on the client's adaptability )




Want to know more about

Rolfing™ for children and yong people?

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