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Rolfing™ + Yoga pre-class on July 23rd, 2016

This pre-class is for people who want to learn how to use and move your body in your comfort and safe gravity field. Official class is starting from September.

I am organizing for regular Yoga +Rolfing Movement class starting from September. I see many clients who got injured from their gym exercise, sports and yoga practice. Your body has updated from Rolfing experience, next step for you is learning how to use it, like updated computer. As a yoga teacher and Rolfer™, I would like to share learning and practicing how to use your body in the gravity field properly, that helps and improve your regular exercise and performance a lot. Rolfing™ movement practice facilitate to remap your body structure and function from the root cause of the repetitive pattern. Before I start regular class, I would like to do “playful lab” gathering. In this month, I am going to do “trial class” and would like to get feedback from you, Rolfing™ Lovers as much as possible. This helps me to concrete and get the better idea of my new class , how I can guide people “Rolfing™ movement” with yoga practice. I am going to start from beginner’s level. If you are too tight to do yoga, please do not worry, we are going to start from really simple movement. If you never had Rolfing experience, of course, welcome, come and join me. I look forward to seeing everyone!

[What we do in class]

Rolfing™ movement practice

Explore 1-2 yoga asana

Leaning how to seat, stand, walk more comfortably in your daily life.


Location : Vital Health Kitsilano (There is parking space at rear)

Date & Time : July 23rd, Saturday 1pm-2:30pm

Fee : $5 for the space

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