Experiencing the Healing Power of Sound with Kita Biosonic Peace Machine

Experiencing inner peace supports your happy life and happiness. You are in your physical body.

Experiencing inner peace supports your happy life and happiness. You are in your physical body.

The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine (KBPM) is a tool you can experience as safe and soothing with deep relaxation in your body. This ancient yet, yet state of the art technology supports wellness practitioners, who usually “give” their energy and tend to experience compassion fatigue. “Wellness Practitioner” can mean many things, such as either expressing kindness as a person, compassion to other people, just like you, also including massage therapists,social workers, caregivers, operators at a call centre, teachers, business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers, officers,returned soldiers and more..

We all know Sound has power of healing. Listening to the sound in nature immediately releases and heals your tension of the body, mind and spirit. Relaxation music helps to change your mood to be more relaxed.

Since 70 % of our body consists of water,playing instruments or singing alter the molecular vibration in the body, creating a feeling of whole body harmonic massage. Sound conducts through the air at 340m/sec,at 1500m/sec in the water and at 5600m/sec in the bones.

The beautiful and natural tuning-up effects of sound harmonic massage facilitates a restrtion of homeostasis which is our own natural healing ability.

The more we are individually filled with feeling safely peace and love by ourselves, the more our inner peace resonate with the others,like ripple effect.

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