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Body Of Water

We know that life began in the oceans. Over many eons, organic compounds derived from seawater developed into proteins. Some of these proteins formed a watery membrane that allowed evolving life forms to be contained and sustainable. This membrane was a primitive form of connective tissue. Collection of primitive cells gradually developed separate functions and hundreds of millions of years later, evolved into primordial sea creatures. These creatures moved easily through water, but their spiraling, wave like motions were not suitable for life on land. It took eons more for their soft, fluid bodies to evolve more solid tissues like bone and ligaments that let them move on land, where the effects of gravity are more strongly felt.

Human bodies are an incarnation of life’s transition from water to land. Our skin and connective tissues from containers for the saltwater that still infuses all our tissues and cells. Our bones make us operational on land, able to walk and gesticulate, work and play. However, within our container of skin we are essentially aquatic.

Because most people unconsciously conceive of their bodies as solid, it can be surprising to know that our bodies’ composition is approximately 70 percent water. Understanding this can give us a new perspective on transforming our posture because it makes it clear that our bodies are not dense and immutable. Body of water [Extract from “Unspoken voice” page 35]~

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