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Bliss is this Yoga & JellyFish Club Presents : Flow & Glow Yoga

This weekend we have a special guest Yoga ‘Journeyman’ bringing his teachings from around the world. Kyle Carisse is an internationally sought after by yoga studios for his unique and effective approach to Yoga and movement. Bliss is this Yoga, as is aptly named, embodies movements taken from many different ancient traditions such as Indonesian & Afrcian tribal dancing, Shaolin Kung Fu, Thai Warrior dance, Hatha Yoga, Sufism, Tibetan Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Entrainment Yoga. The variety of movements allow participants to build energy (prana) in the body as they are guided through a mindful & blissful experience and Towards the end the class are allowed to embody a Jelly Fish-like free-form movement to music.

Come and experience this rare opportunity to build energy, create a loving space and smile from cheeck to cheeck while you move and share in the Bliss is this experience.

See you at 10;45am on May 3rd (Sat) !

Place : Vital Health Medical and Wellness Clinic (1855 W 4th Ave Vancouver BC)

Time : 10:45am ~ noon


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