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Hay Fever!

Hi Everyone,

Although the weather is still cold in Sydney, I can feel that spring is coming because I, and the people around me, are suffering from hay fever.

I had an embarrassing conversation with my housemate:

“How are you, Coko?”

“Yeah, I’m ok. I’m just suffering from ‘high fever’.”

“Oh, no, how high is your temperature?”

“No, I don’t have high temperature, I have high fever, you know the pollen.”

“Oh, you mean hay fever!” :P

Anyway, when you get hay fever, the lining of the nose gets damaged, meaning the sinuses don’t function well. The nose and ears have a very important role in balancing your body.

Keep your nose cavity and membrane clean by washing and gargling often during the day.

I also recommend reflexology. Reflexology has a good effect on your physical functions and your body and soul have a lot of reflex points in all areas of your body. I will prepare aromatherapy and effective essential oils for your hay fever.

Since I have a new website, I am giving away 10 minutes free during the month of August (valid until 31st August 2011). Give me a call (Mob 0415 373 347) and I’ll book you in for your next session plus 10 minutes ‘my new website promotion’.


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